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Ruben Benjamin is a German artist known for his three-dimensional, highly luminous work. His work deals with perspective, natural phenomena, technology, and motion. Through the tremendous visual depth of the pieces, created by the complex layering of color, the artworks baffle the senses. Ruben Benjamin began working with spray paint and textures at 14, studied mechanical engineering and management, and produces his art in his studio in Munich. His work is internationally spread in art collections across LA, Miami, New York, Stockholm, London, and Seoul.


"To me, sculpture and painting are interwoven elegantly in my work. I am fascinated by the vibrant luminosity achieved by arranging and combining colors in a three-dimensional, overlapping manner. This purism and the provoked contrast of light and shadow affected by the depth of the artworks characterize my work.​ The frozen dynamics in my textures allow me to capture unique moments in time. Therefore, I describe my work rather as sculptures for walls than paintings."


"Nature and its patterns are one of the primary inspirations for my artwork. Be it the topology of landscapes and deserts, the color composition of polar lights, or biological close-ups of plant cells. It never ceases to fascinate me. If you look at my work, you gaze into the humbleness and beauty of nature and project associations from your imaginary landscape on it. Thanks to technology and digitalization, our perception of nature has vastly changed. The strong influence of technology and digitalism in my work is reflected via additive color mixing (as in LEDs) and the constant appearance of fluorescent colors."


Ruben Benjamin (b. 1994) is based in Munich. He explores how the sculptural and contrasting composition impacts the perception of light and color across the spectrum. Benjamin's work changes vibrantly because of the various angles of color application on the surface, depending on the viewer's position and perspective.

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