• Nautilus

    This artwork is limited to an edition of 20.

    • Every artwork is signed and numbered 1 - 20.
    • Size of the sculptures: 10 x 15 x 3 cm
    • They all vary slightly in textures, surface, and gradient because each of them is created individually by the artist.
    • Material: Heavy mixed media and acrylic on wood
    • Secured hole on the backside of the sculpture to hang it safely on the wall
    • EUR 385 (incl. tax)


    What comes with the artwork?

    • One protective acrylic case per order. If, for example, 2 or 6 artworks are purchased in one shopping cart, they come in one large acrylic case. If you wish to receive one acrylic case per artwork, please place separate orders. 
    • Certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist
    • Small screwdriver to open the acrylic case and remove the sculpture
    • Protective cotton gloves



    • Since each artwork is unique, refunds are not provided.
    • EU wide shipping
    • Shipping mid-December
      VAT Included