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The first limited Artwork Release ever

​​Each artwork is limited to only 20 unique pieces. As every work is created individually by the artist, they all vary slightly in texture, surface, and color.

The artworks can be kept in the acrylic case or taken out of the box and hung on the wall. If you order multiple artworks they will be shipped in one bigger acrylic case. If you wish to receive one acrylic case per artwork, please let us know during the checkout.

In the end, the arrangement and combination of the artworks in this release is up to you!

Ruben Benjamin is an artist from Germany. He began working with spray paint and textures at the age of 14, studied mechanical engineering and management, and produces his three-dimensional art in his studio in Munich. Ruben Benjamin’s work deals with perspective, natural phenomena, technology, and motion. Through the tremendous visual depth of the pieces, created by the complex layering of color, the artworks baffle the senses. His work is spread in collections accross New York City, Miami, Stockholm and Seoul.

“These individual Sculptures show how my Ideas come to life” - Ruben Benjamin

“The artworks always start with an idea - a first spark. I try to capture these initial thoughts on a small scale on wood. Starting from these pieces, the large-scale artworks are created. For this first release, I have chosen six of my favorite color compositions from the past two years. Therefore, this release takes you back to the birth of an idea” - Ruben Benjamin

Each of the six artworks is limited to only 20 unique pieces. They all vary slightly in textures, surface, and gradient because each of them is created individually by the artist.

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